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Improve outcomes

Deliver a multi-channel digital service with “end-to-end” Agile software that includes resident-facing smart apps and “chatbots” for improved customer experience, empower employees with Agile productivity apps and digital services can ensure better outcomes all round.

Agile’s solutions, securely delivered via the Microsoft cloud, combine a lower cost of ownership, “scale to fit” and “work from anywhere” features that create efficiencies, accelerate service delivery and generate savings that can be channelled to those citizens who need most help.

Understand customers – analytics anywhere

Microsoft AI technologies that handle increasingly complex tasks can contribute to a better customer experience 24/7/365.

There’ll always be critical points when you need the personal touch – focus your time on solving citizens’ problems rather than admin using proven AI technologies to analyse and uncover time-sapping processes and tasks. Implement Machine Learning (ML) with “self-learning” chatbots that understand and respond to your top FAQs and take the load off.

Share insights and encourage pro-active decision making with Microsoft Power BI for clear visualisation of real-time information with assistance from our data science team.

The Digital workforce

Employees are better motivated and more productive when they work more autonomously and focus on key issues. That’s why we automate day-to-day tasks with inbuilt workflow for mobile working and integrate with standard Microsoft tools, capitalising on your existing MS investment and making it easier to communicate and collaborate with fellow workers to solve problems.

Delivery via the cloud means that your employees can work from anywhere – Agile solutions are responsive and deliver the same great experience on any device.

Agile by design

Agile solutions are just that – software for specific operational areas developed using rapid techniques for fast delivery of new digital services that handle today’s needs and adapt as needs change. Changes in business processes are delivered through simple configuration – no time-consuming development and no barriers to new proofs of concept.

We incorporate new products and services with proven value to our customers as they emerge – Microsoft AI for data clarity, Microsoft Power BI for data insight, SharePoint Online for lower storage costs, Microsoft Teams for collaboration…and more to come, all delivered via the Microsoft cloud.

Focus on building the new

The commercial world embraces digital to keep pace with changing markets, consumer behaviour and service challenges. By adopting similarly agile systems and the new working practices they inspire, public sector organisations can overcome today’s limitations with a sustainable route to adapt in the future.

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Agile Applications Limited is dedicated to delivering new digital service platforms for the Local Government sector. Our expertise spans Land and Property administration software, Regulatory and Environmental Health solutions, Waste Management Software, and specialist app development.
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Our customers span Local Authorities, Counties, National Parks and Districts across the UK and Ireland; we’ve established a strong presence among London Borough Councils.
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Our software solutions have already helped Authorities achieve outstanding subscriber numbers for new services – a success that we believe other Authorities can share. We’ll work with you to move to the next stage in service innovation.
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Microsoft Partner
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Civicance - Cheshire East - copy
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" The introduction of Agile Workflow has enabled Civicance to achieve a 5 day reduction in application processing which is invaluable in a fiercely competitive marketplace."
Andrew Logan, Consultancy Manager at Civicance Ltd.
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"We’ve won awards for being a paperless office; we were one of the first planning authorities to go paperless. That would’ve never happened without Agile. "
Jane Lamine, Dudley Metropolitan Borough Council
South Bucks
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"We were really impressed with Agile’s approach and professionalism during the project delivery. Their collaborative approach to project management was especially impressive, as it helped the Council employees focus on other matters during a fairly significant period of change."
South Bucks District Council
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