Carbon Reduction Plan

Reduction Plan                                                                    

Activity Target Date % tCO2e Reduction Scope
Action that at the next renewal procure renewable electricity where possible, as well as monitoring the energy performance of the building. Phase this to align with the business needs starting with at least 60% renewable energy. 2023 20% Scope 1
Consider fugitive emissions (at next available service) to reduce overall missions within this detail up to 95% by removing current gas and replacing with low emission alternative such as; R449A or R454A. 2022 95% Scope 1 Fugitive
Action waste behaviour campaigns within the organisation to support emissions reduction journey; strategy to include regular waste audits and move towards circular procurement options. Remove unnecessary bins within the office and prominently promote zero waste initiatives. 2023 1.08% Scope 3
Develop a holistic travel plan for business travel and commuting, aligning with environmental aspect of any Travel Policy implemented. Set internal targets and monitor progress year on year. Aim for reduced emission preference and active travel. Flights and car use to be prioritised. Aim to reduce year on year. 2023 10% Scope 3

Taking in to account the plans and initiatives that have already been implemented, and those currently being discussed and considered, we remain on track to achieve Net Zero by 2035.

Andrew Fraser

Chief Executive Officer