Basildon opts for Agile Licensing

basildon chooses our licensing software

Basildon District is the second largest district in Essex by population. It was designated a new town in 1949 to cope with the growing population of East London; it continues to grow today as the centre of a thriving business community, with a vibrant regional shopping centre, and a community that is expected to grow by 7.9% in the next decade.

As the number of businesses and the services needed to serve an increasing population multiplies, Licensing has an important role in maintaining standards and quality of life.

The Agile Applications Licensing system chosen by Basildon provides the authority with an enhanced workflow that allows staff to pre-determine a course of action to follow for any given type of request or licence. This helps to ensure that teams are aware of important tasks and can programme work in a timely fashion. Integration with GIS can also be used, for example, to highlight areas with a concentration of licensed premises so that users can identify quickly which neighbourhoods might experience problems if further licences are sought.

The Licensing system supports operation for two or more authorities at one time so that authorities adopting shared services can effectively run as one department, leading to savings in both time and money.

If your authority is in need of a new licensing system, we can help. Contact us to discuss our licensing software today.

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