Waste and Recycling

  • Simple steps to a low waste Christmas


    How far is the moon from earth?  It’s about 239,000 miles – and amazingly, we could cover that distance with the wrapping paper we’ll get through this Christmas. That’s over 8,000 tonnes of additional paper waste in just one day, and it’s not all recyclable – sparkle, glitter and laminate finishes mean your beautiful wrapping […]

  • The carbon footprint of our food


    Shipping fish from British waters that is destined for our dinner tables half way round the world to be processed and back again? That would be pointless, but it’s common practice! Food campaign charity, Sustain, reports that imported fish products (sometimes incorrectly marketed as UK-produced), may travel up to 18,000 miles before reaching our supermarkets. […]

  • Swimming in a sea of plastic


    Lewis Pugh, who recently completed the “Long Swim” through the 350 miles of the English Channel, undertook the “Everest of swims” to raise awareness of the threat to the UK’s coastal waters from climate change, over-fishing and plastic pollution.  His blog http://lewispugh.com/the-long-swim/ explains why he’s so passionate about the state of our oceans and how […]

  • The true cost of fly-tipping


    Your community is almost certainly the victim of a crime that is sadly commonplace and so brazen that it often happens in plain sight – a toxic mix of fly-tipping, graffiti and flyposting. From the selfish individual who thoughtlessly dumps their old fridge to the unlicensed carriers who dump waste by the lorryload, the offenders […]

  • Your guide to a green Halloween


    What’s green and associated with Halloween? Witches? Frankenstein? Ghoulish slime? Well yes, but Halloween is also about recycling! Let’s explore the environmental impact that Halloween has in the UK and look at how you can be more green this year by following our Halloween recycling tips:  Halloween is horrifying for food waste Pumpkin carving is a great activity for the whole family to […]

  • Key takeaways from RWM 2017


    What is the RWM Exhibition? The RWM is an exhibition, in partnership with the CIWM, dedicated to the waste, recycling, water, and energy sectors. It’s an annual event, held at the Birmingham NEC, and showcases the latest and greatest from the marketplace. The RWM Exhibition welcomes over 11,000 visitors from UK and International companies alike, spanning […]