Promote Recycling for Earth Day 2017

There are numerous reasons why many people don’t recycle properly (or at all):

“I’m too busy; I don’t have time to sort through my rubbish.”

“I have a small kitchen and no space for recycling.”

“It’s too confusing; I don’t know what to recycle.”

“It doesn’t make a difference – it all gets sent to the same place!”

But the bigger issue that hides behind these excuses is a lack of education on how to recycle effectively and efficiently without wasting too much time or space.

And this is where Councils can make a real difference by educating residents on how and what to recycle in their area.

We can help too

We understand that getting the message of ‘recycle more’ to your citizens can cost a lot in terms of both time and money, but we have a modern solution to reduce those pressures.

The @HOME recycling app is designed to simplify communications with residents, allowing you to keep them up-to-date on when to put their rubbish out, and educate them on what they can and can’t recycle in the area. It can help spread the word and boost recycling rates without the need of costly leafletting.

To find out more about the Agile@HOME app and how your Council can benefit, just get in touch.