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Agile Planning
Our Planning software offers your department a flexible, cost-effective and intuitive system to cover each stage of the Planning process.
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Agile Building Control
Our Building Control system offers full lifecycle and case management, whether used as a standalone module or fully integrated with our Development Control software.
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Agile GIS
Agile GIS enterprise-level web mapping allows users to integrate and re-use data in a wide variety of formats, making it easier to share and publish geographic information.
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A free recycling app for iPhone, iPad and Android, delivering local information on waste collection and recycling. Get your Authority’s message across without the need for costly leafleting.
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Agile Garden Waste
Agile Garden Waste integrates with your CRM and core Waste Management systems to help you deliver quality customer service, managing the process seamlessly from the resident to the contractor.
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Agile Public Protection
Designed with input from Environmental Health professionals , our software automates all the statutory administrative requirements in a way that reflects officers’ working patterns.
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Taking our Agile Core Applications as a starting point, we deliver easy to use, cost-effective, and intuitive SaaS solutions for your Local Authority.

Our current product suite offers smart, web hosted services for Planning and EnforcementsBuilding ControlRegulatory ServicesGarden Waste Management, and Recycling.

Our product family is continually growing, so if you have an idea that you’d like to see brought to life, just let us know!

Our SaaS products make life easier

Our software makes life easier for your team; it offers intuitive workflow and productivity tools, combined with simple performance monitoring, to streamline your processes and maximize your outputs while keeping costs low.

Our products are simple and flexible for all levels of user and can be customised for the individual needs of your council.

Simplifying citizen communication

We understand that clear and effective communication with your citizens is key to the success of your department; our software is designed to make customer engagement a smoother process.

Our public facing web portals are simple and straightforward, and promote all-round digital service delivery; they integrate with the look and feel of your council site for a seamless user experience.

Supported every step of the way

We are always on hand to help with any questions or queries you might have while using our products; we offer full project management, implementation and on-going support services, working in close partnership with your IT and Project staff.

All support calls are channeled via our support team in Bristol, but we also provide remote support via VPN to your system as well as on-site where appropriate.

Want to learn more about our offering or how we can help your department? Take a look at our product pages below or contact us to speak to a member of our team.

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