Agile Land Charges

Land searches need to be dealt with quickly and efficiently by Land Charges and Planning departments; we understand this, so our local land charges software delivers a reduced turnaround time and reduces the likelihood of errors – allowing you to provide an improved service to citizens whilst also potentially saving on costs and resources for your department.

Agile Land Charges is highly intuitive and easy to use; it enables local authorities to process requests for searches of the Local Land Charges Register and to respond to local authority enquiries (forms LLC1 and CON29) received via the National Land Information Service (NLIS) hub, directly via the council’s website using our online web submissions module or via manual input. All responses are automatically collated, formatted, and printed through the system which streamlines the process.

The system also allows for easy enquiry of outstanding and completed searches and offers a variety of standard and ad hoc management reports.

A spatial solution to land searches

Agile Land Charges integrates fully with our Agile GIS software, allowing for the completion of spatial searches.
Searches can be logged rapidly using the system’s Gazetteer access facilities to locate any existing property on the council’s corporate address Gazetteer (LLPG) and then defining the site by selecting the relevant property boundary.

Once searches have been logged on the system, a single function queries the source map data and associated text, and prints all the responses with an optional colour plot. The process can be completed within minutes.

Modules and integrations

Agile Land Charges itself doesn’t maintain an integral Gazetteer and therefore does not require address data to be imported into the system. Our software links directly to the council’s corporate Gazetteer, using our Universal Gazetteer software, and uses this both to extract address details and locate the relevant property on the map. This means that users do not need to manage duplicate databases and that Gazetteer changes and updates are reflected dynamically.

Our Web Submissions module has been designed to provide direct access to an authority’s Agile Land Charges system via the council’s website and without 3rd party intervention. This means that searches submitted by solicitors will be input directly to Agile Land Charges and, following initial validation, will be processed as normal, with the results being made available for viewing and printing online by the requesting solicitor.

Agile Land Charges features and benefits

  • Local Land Charges department and submit an application to use the online system
  • Simple and secure login with user ID and password means that users can be assured that only they will have access to the searches submitted by them
  • Easy‐to‐follow and intuitive search logging procedures means that even the most inexperienced computer user will be able to use the system to register requests for searches
  • Notification by email keeps the solicitor informed of progress and advises when a search has been completed and is ready for viewing

agile land charges software

  • Scanned image upload provides a method for solicitors to attach plans for submission with the search request.
  • Access to the council’s corporate gazetteer ensures that property search requests are valid and covered by the local authority
  • Notification by email keeps the solicitor informed of progress and advises when a search has been completed and is ready for viewing
  • Online access to completed searches reduces the need to produce paper documents, reduces postage costs and reduces the overall search turnaround
  • Full integration with our Agile GIS software for spatial analysis

Training and support for Agile Land Charges

As with all of our software, we are here to provide you with training and support every step of the way. Our experienced product consultants will walk you through the Land Charges software and will be on hand to help with any queries you may have.

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