Agile Waste

Waste and recycling departments have a lot to contend with: managing citizen expectations, keeping their area clean and tidy, trying to hit recycling targets, and managing refuse and recycling collections. We understand this and have developed our waste management software to help relieve some of the pressure. 

We’ve worked with local authorities and waste and recycling professionals to develop a solution that handles the majority of a busy waste department’s day-to-day activities including domestic refuse and recycling collections, street cleansing, bulky waste services, commercial/trade waste, and enviro-crime. Agile Waste supports mobile working and CRM integration for seamless incident reporting throughout. 

Our waste software also integrates with finance and GIS to deliver a comprehensive solution for effective service delivery, giving your team access to all the information they require without the need for multiple data entry. 

Seamless citizen communication

Agile Waste has a core public access module which provides a set of web pages that can be integrated with your existing website; it promotes ‘self-service’, allowing citizens to log issues and queries via the site, and responding to automatic messages if the enquiry isn’t valid, thus reducing the pressure on your contact centre.  

Once a valid enquiry has been processed by the system, it can be prioritised according to the rules you have determined – an action or alert can then be sent to the relevant worker.

Making life easier for waste officers

Our waste software allows for mobile working; the full functionality of this mobile solutions means that staff can use their mobile device to report, investigate and record directly from the street, with high priority issues being sent through in real-time.  

Agile Waste is an intuitive system with built-in workflow to help all staff spend more time where it counts and less time on work allocation.  

Agile Waste features and benefits

  • Improved management information – updates in real time, not at the end of the day  
  • Better utilisation of vehicles with associated reductions in carbon dioxide emissions 
  • Reduction in the unit cost of a request for service  
  • Increased average monthly inspection rate 
  • Reduces dependence on your in-house or outsourced IT department by giving Contender administrators the ability to build functionality for insertion into the council’s web pages (using simple style sheets)  

features and benefits of agile waste management software

agile waste management system

  • Administrators can define how issues are reported ensuring they comply with existing business processes e.g. reporting of fly tips, graffiti, missed collections 
  • The module allows administrators to display public facing descriptions on the web pages, eliminating jargon and technical language to ensure that descriptions are in plain English 
  • Information about services provided at specific addresses can be made available
  • Administrators can provide links to other council services in a range of ways including: hyperlinks, file paths and form requests 

Training and support for Agile Waste

Our experienced consultants are available to get you set up with your Agile Waste software solution and they will be on-hand at every turn to offer advice and support when it’s needed most.  

Assistance is also available via our Help Desk which is in operation between Monday and Friday, 9am – 5:30pm. Alternatively, you can contact the Web Help Desk 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

To hear more about how our waste solution can support your department, just download the brochure below. Or give us a call on 0330 100 3675 to talk through your options. 

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