Agile Garden Waste

Managing Garden Waste subscriptions can be a real drain on resources for your department – our cloud-based software is designed with this in mind and offers an intuitive solution.

Agile Garden Waste integrates with your CRM and core Waste Management systems to help you deliver quality customer service, managing the process seamlessly from the resident to the contractor.

We’ve completely automated the process – from the resident signing up, through to bin delivery and subscription renewal – to minimise the time you spend on administration, and to bring down your costs.

It’s flexible and easily set up to suit your way of working. Using our SaaS environment means no investment in new infrastructure is required so you can expand your user base without incurring massive overheads.

Agile Garden Waste features and benefits

  • Easy online access to your Garden Waste Portal via a link on your website; accessible via most web browsers
  • No local installation required
  • Links to online payment engines and financial systems
  • Customers can report issues, receive updates, request services, and pay online
  • Set up under your control, with our support

  • Your team have specific portal views depending on their role and the information they need, helping to improve efficiency
  • Fully customisable using standard Microsoft tools – no need for costly bespoke work
  • Automated notifications and updates sent through the system via email to save time and money
  • Automated subscription reminders sent to residents
  • Cancellations are automated and made easy for the resident and council

Encourage your community

Encourage your community to subscribe to your Green Waste collection service by offering a value for money solution that is easy to sign up to, amend, and cancel. Subscriptions are linked to each resident so that the service can move with them if they relocate.

Residents can quickly and easily pay for their subscription through your web portal; they can also report issues, such as missed collections, and all service events will be logged for resolution or escalation.

Keep citizens engaged through interactive, online communications, and lessen the burden on your contact centre; send automatic updates and correspondence, via email, through the system rather than exhausting time and money by sending notifications by letter. Renewals and cancellations can also be processed automatically to reduce admin time.

Training and support for Agile Garden Waste

We offer full training and support for our Garden Waste software, led by our Business Consultants and expert Trainers.

We can also provide user guides for all our software and we’re always on hand to answer your questions through the Help Desk.

You can speak to the Help Desk between Monday and Friday, 9am – 5:30pm. Alternatively, you can contact the Web Help Desk 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Download the brochure using the button below or contact the team to find out more about how our Garden Waste software can support your department and make managing Garden Waste subscriptions less painful.

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