Using secure FTP – a gentle reminder

The Guardian reports that “The first month of GDPR saw a sharp increase in the number of complaints to regulators across Europe, showing strong public interest in the new rules”. 

“The UK’s Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) told the Guardian that it has seen a rise in breach notifications from organisations, as well as more data protection complaints following the activation of the law”. 

The Irish Data Protection Commission has reportedly received 547 data breach notifications, 403 of which are deemed to fall under the GDPR. 

Three months into the new legislation, the level of incidents and complaints is a timely reminder of the importance of protecting personal identifiable information.  As an ISO27001 accredited company, Agile Applications has stringent measures in place to ensure data protection.  It’s important to remember however that this is a shared responsibility with our customers (the “data controller”). 

We’d like to remind you of just one of the measures in place to help us all protect personal data. 

Whilst we understand that it’s tempting to use email as a fast route to send data to us, email is simply not designed for this purpose.  Since you may need to send us data that includes applicant personal information for the purposes of data conversion, testing etc.  please remember that both this and any other data should only be sent to us via a secure route. 

Your IT department will need a specific account to use our secure FTP facility for data transfer.   Please email the support team at for information on secure account set up.   

If you need further information about secure FTP, our support team is always happy to advise. 

Thank you for your co-operation.