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  • Demystifying Planning – how chatbots can help

    Unless you’re a serial house owner/mover, live on the doorstep of a new development or are troubled by a neighbour’s intended plans,  chances are that you’ll have come into contact with the planning legal system pretty infrequently. Until 2013 that is, when the first permitted development rights were granted.  Looking to save, house owners are […]

  • G Cloud 11 and Agile Applications SaaS

    We’re delighted to announce that our SaaS solutions are now available via the government’s Digital Market Place under the G Cloud 11 procurement framework.  You’ll find our core products in the Cloud Software category and data services for Microsoft BI and other products in Cloud Support. G Cloud gives local councils, central government and […]

  • Mobile working just got smarter – be Agile@WORK

    As in the wider digital economy, local authority staff are less tied to physical offices and increasingly work away from base, and with the almost limitless functionality of mobile tech in our home lives,  many of us expect to use comparable tools at work.  Flexible, secure working on the move for time-pressed officers in “customer […]

  • Simple steps to a low waste Christmas

    How far is the moon from earth?  It’s about 239,000 miles – and amazingly, we could cover that distance with the wrapping paper we’ll get through this Christmas. That’s over 8,000 tonnes of additional paper waste in just one day, and it’s not all recyclable – sparkle, glitter and laminate finishes mean your beautiful wrapping […]

  • The carbon footprint of our food

    Shipping fish from British waters that is destined for our dinner tables half way round the world to be processed and back again? That would be pointless, but it’s common practice! Food campaign charity, Sustain, reports that imported fish products (sometimes incorrectly marketed as UK-produced), may travel up to 18,000 miles before reaching our supermarkets. […]

  • Digital Transformation – the agile way

    In June this year, the University of Eindhoven announced its plans to 3D print affordable housing units in what they claim is  “the world’s first commercial housing project based on 3D concrete printing” New London Architecture has developed an interactive model of the future development of the capital allowing planners and residents to […]

  • Swimming in a sea of plastic

    Lewis Pugh, who recently completed the “Long Swim” through the 350 miles of the English Channel, undertook the “Everest of swims” to raise awareness of the threat to the UK’s coastal waters from climate change, over-fishing and plastic pollution.  His blog explains why he’s so passionate about the state of our oceans and how […]